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The Different Ways That Weather Can Affect Your Garage Door

The weather impacts your garage door in significant ways. You might not always be aware of that fact, especially when you are in the process of getting a new garage door or even a replacement.

A good example of that is the weather that we have here in Texas. It’s considered common knowledge how it’s not just drastic but also changes quickly and almost without warning. Those quick shifts can have considerable consequences on the state of your garage door.

Garage Door Repair Venus Tx - Weather Can Affect Your Garage Door

As you learn about the fact that weather can affect your door, you’d want to find out more about it. What are the exact conditions that can have the most impact and what’s going to happen to your garage door if exposed to it for an extended period of time. 

Naturally, you want to know what you can do about it. What are the ways for you to deal with the changes in the weather and their effects on the way your garage door operates and more? Below you can read about the different ways that weather can affect your garage door:

Too Much Sun

Too much exposure to the sun can have some negative effects on your garage door. A lot of homeowners are probably not aware of this, but being exposed to the rays of the sun can stop your door from closing at times. 

How can that happen? It turns out that the rays of the sun can somehow affect the photosensors of your garage door. So if your door happens to be facing either east or west, don’t be surprised if you can’t close it at certain times of the day.

Due to the rays, your door’s sensors are “thinking” that there’s an obstruction even if there’s none. Things should get back to normal when the sun moves to a different position. By then, your garage door will run smoothly again.

Heat & Humidity

Heat and humidity can definitely impact your garage door. The two make up a terrible combination for residents of Texas as well as for garage doors located in the state. While they can certainly make people feel bad and uncomfortable, their effect on garage doors is that they become harder to operate.

Imagine having to deal with a temperature that’s well over 100 degrees in your garage. That could cause your garage door’s electronic system to go crazy and it will likely need to be looked at by a professional from Garage Door Repair Venus Tx if you are located in Venus, Texas, or nearby counties or cities. Some of the effects of the excessive heat and humidity is having difficulty with closing your garage door or it won’t open at all.

Unexpected Power Surges

This next one might surprise you for being one of the different ways that weather can affect your garage door. It involves power surges that can also negatively impact the way your garage door operates.

You might not always connect power surges to garage doors, but they can cause significant problems with them too. It can cause damage to your garage door system’s circuit board and that can cost you a lot. To help guarantee that this doesn’t happen to you, purchase a single outlet surge protector from your local hardware store.

Six Reasons why you should Replace your Garage Door

Why do you have to change your garage door? 6 of the most valid reasons

garage door garland tx

As you know the garland garage door is the most functional part of any house, it must be given the right attention whenever it does not work or fail to operate correctly. In fact, deciding to replace the door overhead you can have a considerable impact on how your garage looks & gives you many advantages too. Below are some good reasons to consider the garage door replacement in Raleigh:

Improve your home  value:

Replacing your overhead door dramatically increases the value of your property market. Changing your old garage door tired with a modern and functional will definitely help impress every prospective buyer. You can ask real estate professionals to find out houses that are sold faster when having a functional garage door.

Reducing cooling & heating costs:

If you have a garage that has a living room on it or is employed as a work area, you can significantly reduce your cooling & heating costs by installing an overhead door that has an Isolation rating R-16. Overhead door isolated will act to keep the cold air throughout the summer & cold air during the winter months. As a result, you will enjoy a big savings at your heating & cooling costs.

Enjoy safe storage options:

Replacing your non-functional overhead door functionally also helps you protect your belongings from unfavorable weather. The majority of people use additional space in their garage to store personal belongings that they don’t have space to be stored in their homes. However, by choosing the garage door is insulated correctly, you can easily put a barrier that holds air and moisture from inside, and finally protects your valuables from hard weather conditions.

Personal Security:

You actually minimize the risk of personal injury by replacing your old garage door with a new one. Most modern door overhead today succeeded with a photoelectric detector which felt when an object tried to enter or exit the garage while the door moves. When the sensor found that the beam was broken, the door would mechanically enter upside down & open to stop the possibility of damage or injury.

Limit home access:

In addition to offering a security increase for your garage, installing a new garage door also increases the security of your home as a whole. Thieves usually target the garage door to break through the house. However, most contemporary overhead doors are currently available using a new complicated coding system that makes it almost impossible for thieves to decode the code to open the door.

Insurance advantage:

In addition to increased safety and an increase in aesthetics, you can also enjoy the benefits of insurance to replace your old garage door with a new one. Tell your insurance company that you have replaced your garage door to enjoy the maximum advantage.

So, you can see that the reasons mentioned above are enough to justify why someone must consider replacing the garage door in Raleigh. If you haven’t considered, this is the time to think about it.

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